What an inspiring day today in Connecticut for the Region 3 Youth/Social Worker Permanency Teaming Workshop! Having Demetrius, Rachel and Jackie share their experiences with youth currently in care really helped most of the youth open up about their experiences and their hopes/desires for the future!



CT DCF Region 3 Program Manager

It was my pleasure to be able to help out and share some of what we have learned.  Really glad the folks in Arkansas found it helpful.


Thanks for all you have done to help us to make teaming such a strong practice here in CT!  It is appreciated.


CT DCF Region 6 CR-CFTM Facilitator

It was my pleasure to be able to assist you and the AR team and I am here to help in any way I can.  We learned from the best and now we are showing off...I wish them success in their implementation.


CT DCF Regional TDM/CR-CFTM Social Work Supervisor

Thanks for sharing the feedback from the evaluations. I think that illustrates how much we have all learned in the past 10 months and are now able to share and teach it in a way that can benefit others. Lori and Mary have been such strong trainers, and for me, trained in a way that made the material understandable, applicable to practice and with clear goals for the learning. A great recipe for success!

CT DCF CR-CFTM Facilitator

3P Consulting LLC is working collaboratively with the Child Welfare Strategy Group at the Annie E. Casey Foundation to assist the State of Delaware in implementing several family engagement strategies within child welfare: Family Search and Engagement (FSE) and Considered Removal Team Decision Making (CR-TDM). Please see highlights on FSE from "Outcomes Matter: Enhancing Practice, Transforming Lives", April 2013, Volume 2, Issue 2. view newsletter For Considered Removal Team Decision Making (CR-TDM), please find interview highlights in the October newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 5. view newsletter

I wanted to send this email out to all of the facilitators in regards to the regional and individual coaching that is beginning to take place across the state. Yesterday, the Region 5 facilitators participated in the first coaching session with our Casey Foundation Consultants. I'm going to be honest and say that I was a little hesitant at first because I really thought that it was going to be role playing or something and I didn't want to participate. However, I will admit that I was SO WRONG! The coaching session was PHENOMENAL! It was an opportunity for us to get into the specifics of some of our cases, to run different scenarios by the consultants, to talk through some issues, and to share concerns. I HIGHLY recommend that all facilitators take advantage of this time with our consultants. I found the coaching sessions very helpful and it actually clarified a few things for me. I was able to specifically talk about some of the issues that I've run across during meetings and Mary and Lori helped to work through those issues. This is just my opinion but I wanted to share my thoughts about the process. Thank you!!

CT DCF Supervisor/Teaming Facilitator