Our Members

Our members are based in New England and provide services nationally. We also collaborate with a growing group of associates to enhance and expand our work.

LAUREN FREY, MSW, LICSW, Senior Child Welfare Consultant / Managing Member Lauren

Lauren is proficient in developing and implementing innovative practice models and supporting organizational change to assist public and private foster care agencies in achieving timely permanency for youth of all ages. Most recently, as the Project Director for Permanency Services at Casey Family Services, Lauren was a key leader in Lifelong Families, a foster care practice model achieving permanency for treatment-level youth at risk of aging-out. A national trainer and speaker, her 35 years of child welfare experience include strategic program design, model and curriculum development, building collaborative teams, engaging youth and families in decision-making as well as managing, supervising and delivering front line practice.
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MARY LEBEAU, MSW, LICSW, Senior Child Welfare Consultant Mary

Mary specializes in providing intensive, on-site, collaborative consulting to public child welfare agencies to strengthen agency management, internal operations, policy, front line practice and supervision. She most recently held the position of Senior Associate with The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Child Welfare Strategy Group on the Connecticut, Delaware and Colorado site engagement teams and served as Engagement Manager for site work in Maine. Mary has worked in child welfare for 29 years, promoting excellence in supervision and non-profit foster care and adoption programming.
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LORI RYAN, MA, LSW, Senior Child Welfare Consultant

Lori is particularly skilled in curriculum development, delivering  training and lead technical assistance, including coaching and  consultation to imbed front line practice that results in more timely permanence for children in state care. She is a trained mediator who promotes non-adversarial and collaborative approaches to child custody. Most recently Lori worked in the Child Welfare Strategy Group at The Annie E. Casey Foundation, strengthening agency policy and practice in public child welfare organizations nationally. She served on the Virginia, Maine and Delaware site teams. Lori has worked in the child welfare field for 20 years including front line social work and supervision in child protection, reunification, foster care and adoption.
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LISA BUTTS, BS, Administrative Coordinator Lisa

Lisa excels at executive-level administrative support within a remote work environment including database management, event planning, on-site meeting facilitation, materials preparation,accounting and office organization. Most recently the administrative assistant for the Child Welfare Strategy Group at The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Lisa expertly supported New England-based consultants, state site engagement teams and senior staff in External Affairs and Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative.
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Our Associates

ROYE ANASTASIO-BOURKE, BA, Communications Consultant


Roye specializes in developing communications strategies that drive change and create a meaningful connection with targeted audiences. As Communications Senior Manager with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, she co-led family recruitment for Casey Family Services throughout New England. In addition to multi-media campaigns and a portfolio of video, print and online recruitment tools, Roye developed a blueprint for building corporate and employer-based partnerships for family recruitment and support. Working with a project team, she also produced a suite of communications and training tools for the implementation of the Lifelong Families foster care practice model, available at aecf.org/lifelongfamilies.

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DAWN JEWETT, BA, Child Welfare Consultant

Dawn is a trained child welfare mediator accomplished at crafting reunification plans and open adoption agreements. She was at the forefront of the development and implementation of practice standards for training qualified mediators in the state of Massachusetts. Dawn is a former consultant to Casey Family Services/Annie E. Casey Foundation, having provided guidance on a permanency outcomes-focused approach to working with youth and families. She has trained and coached staff to promote the use of cooperative teaming approaches for child and youth permanence. Currently, Dawn works as a child welfare caseworker focusing on goals of reunification, adoption and legal guardianship for youth receiving residential and intensive foster care interventions at Plummer Home / Plummer Foster Care. She has worked in the child welfare field for 18 years.

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CHERYL PELTIER, LSW, Child Welfare Consultant


Cheryl is a licensed social worker and trained mediator with over 30 years of experience working in both private and public child welfare agencies. She has provided direct service, supervision, training and coaching of staff to promote use of collaborative teaming approaches to ensure timely permanence for children in state care. Her strong belief in strength-based, child-centered and family-driven practice along with her mediation skills have been central to her work promoting permanency, safety and well-being for all children and youth. Presently, Cheryl works as a consultant providing child welfare training and coaching of frontline practitioners and supervisors in several states.

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DIANE KINDLER, MSW, LCSW, Child Welfare Consultant

Diane specializes in training, grant writing, consultation and curriculum development regarding permanency-focused child welfare practice in both the public and private, non-profit sectors. With over 40 years of direct practice, supervisory and administrative experience she brings to her work an awareness of the supports needed at all levels of practice in order to provide effective, high quality services to children and families in the child welfare system. Most recently as Director of Clinical Services for Casey Family Services she oversaw clinical practice in the agency’s offices in seven states and was instrumental in the development of Lifelong Families, a foster care practice model for achieving permanency for older youth in care.

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