Links to Helpful Materials

This is an alphabetical list of materials that we use regularly to guide our work. Some materials were developed by 3P members and we want to share them. Some materials were created by other organizations with the participation of 3P members and we want to highlight them. Many of the materials were developed by other colleagues in the field and we want to help spread the word.

A Call to Action: Youth Permanency and Preparation for Adulthood. Casey Family Services view pdf

Achieving permanency for youth in foster care: assessing and strengthening emotional security by Lauren Frey, Gretta Cushing, Madelyn Freundlich and Eliot Brenner view article

Belonging and Emotional Security Tool (BEST): Annie E. Casey Foundation view tool

Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit: National Child Traumatic Stress Network view toolkit

Federal Policymakers Strengthen Law to Account for Adoption Assistance "De-link" Savings & Move to Align Funding Designation for Post-Permanency Services: National Foster Care Coalition, Voice for Adoption view pdf

Framework for Permanency for Young People: NRC for Permanency and Family Connections view pdf

Implementation Science Research: A Synthesis of the Literature by Dean Fixsen, et al. view pdf

Johnny's Story: California Permanency for Youth Project view video

Kalani's Story: 'Ohana Finding' and 'Ohana Connections" Video view video

Lifelong Families: A Foster Care Practice Model by Casey Family Services
view pdf's and videos

Lighting the fire of urgency: Families lost and found in America's child welfare system by Kevin Campbell, et al. for National Resource Center for Permanent Family Connections
view pdf

Making "Relative Search" Happen: A Guide to Finding and Involving Relatives in Every Step of the Child Welfare Process by Child Focus view pdf

Memo: Clarifying Successor Adoption - Allowance of Continued Adoption Assistance & Guidance on the Successor Guardian Provision by Nicole Dobson (Voice for Adoption), MaryLee Allen and Stephanie Sprow (Children's Defense Fund) view pdf

Midwest Evaluation - Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth by Mark Courtney, et al. view evaluation

Six Steps in Family Finding by Kevin Campbell. Seneca Center: National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness view resource

Six Steps to Find a Family: A Practical Guide to Family Search and Engagement (FSE) by Mardi Louisell for the National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections view pdf

Team Decisionmaking: Annie E. Casey Foundation view website

The 3-5-7 Model: Preparing Children for Permanency by Darla Henry view pdf

The central role of permanence in improving outcomes for youth aging out of foster care by Ben Kerman and Leah Glasheen view pdf

The Loneliest People, a family finding interview with Kevin Campbell by Lesley Stahl, 60-Minutes view interview

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy view curriculum

Youth Permanency Toolkit: National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections view toolkit